I-tal Organic Fuse Lighter Sleeve with 15.5 ft.

  • $9.99

  • Butane, flint, and sulfur are released when using normal cigarette lighters, and these are TOXIC and DANGEROUS if inhaled.
  • Using the original Hemp Wick, the I-tal Hemp Wick, these risks can be avoided
  • Experience your smoke how nature intended! With the original I-tal Hemp Wick you can finally indulge in the full flavor of your smoke, without the taste of harmful chemicals. As the complex essences of your herbs or tobacco entertain your senses, you’ll realize just what you’ve been missing. Light up and enjoy full flavor smoking pleasure.
  • Only Pure 100%, ultra-refined beeswax is used in the creation of I-tal Hemp Wick. All impurities are extracted creating a smooth even burn with no additional flavor output from the bee’s wax.
  •  No chemical treatments are used in producing I-tal Hemp Wick’s hemp twine.

15.5 feet of organic hemp and beeswax wrapped on a sleeve that slides over a bic lighter. Also includes metal extinguisher tab for a no hassle experience. Lighter NOT included.