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3MD Purple Rain Coil

3MD Purple Rain Coil

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This waterpipe and work of art is a 2-piece product.  The waterpipe contains a glycerin coil that attaches to a beaker base with a circular shower head perc.  The glycerin coil can be placed into a freezer to freeze the glycerin.  As your smoke flows through the glycerin coil your smoke is cooled while the base provides filtration.

Coil Specs:

UV reactive Purple Accents

Sandblasted logo

About 6 ½” total length

Coil is about 3” tall

Base specs:

Green colored glass with slime accents

Sandblasted art/logo underneath

Shower head perc

90-degree attachment joint

14mm bowl included


About 9 inches tall

About 5 inches wide

Made in USA

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